About us

Our Animals and People

Black Wolf Ranch started as a dream and is now a reality. I began looking into ways I could live in a rural setting and make a living. During my search I discovered alpacas and began diligently researching these amazing animals.

I continue my education daily with regard to the animals and thier fiber. I share my successes and failures with our clients, other breeders and friends. I continue to carefully research and plan our breeding program and practices and are working with fiber experts like Ian Watt (www.alpacaconsultingusa.com) to insure I can measure our results as I hone my own specific breeding and fiber objectives. We have been working with Sertified Sorters and NAAFP.

At Black Wolf Ranch, we dedicate our efforts to preserving the value and integrity of alpacas. However to sustain this life we are committed to the fiber industry and the alpaca breed. We breed for quality fiber, confirmation and character and work hard at promoting the alpaca lifestyle. Black Wolf Ranch is working towards the breeding principles developed and promoted by Dr. Jim Watts in Australia. His philosophy is known as SRS® and promotes soft bundling locks of fine and closely aligned long fiber. Dr. Watt’s breeding program is based on the selection of animals through objective measurement and visual markers of fiber characteristics.

I will discuss openly and honestly what is involved in starting an alpaca ranch and fiber business with any and all visitors. We will discuss the financial aspects, as well as the emotional aspects, because the alpaca’s well-being is the primary concern in our industry.

Our website offers some of the information we found as we researched the breed. Please look around and if you would like to talk with us, give us a call…we will be more than happy to share our experiences!

Our Logo

The dark blue background in our logo symbolizes the night sky and is the territory of the wolf. Two wolves are paying tribute to the moon (at the bottom of the logo) by howling. The wolves come together at the bottom and are woven together. This is our product; the wolves also are created in the shape of the alpaca foot.

It is said that the Creator had a thought that was the light in the east. The thought went south and created water, west and created air and then north to create the pollen that became the earth.

Our logo also shows this and the 4 directions, central to Indian life.

The Navajo beliefs are:
– White is the eastern direction and is the beginning of the day. This symbolizes thinking, learning and wealth.
– Blue (Turquoise) mid-day is the southern direction and symbolizes planning and strength.
– Abilone twilight (yellow) is the western direction and symbolizes evaluation, re-evaluation, change and prosperity.
– Black or darkness is the northern direction and is change, teaching. as well as the Protector.