Angulus Vest Styling

There are so many different ways you can wear this versatility vest. That is what makes the Angulus Vest one of our biggest fan favorites.

If you are planning on starting this project or already finished with the vest, this is where you can find some of the different ways to wear it.


**You will notice that your vest is longer on one side verses the other, which will create a larger or shorter collar. This is an important tip to remember when you are trying different styles for your vest.




#1. Wear like a vest with the shorter collar side up.





#2. When wearing the vest as depicted in style #1, bring the top corners to the opposite sides and pin.





#3. Flip the vest upside down to create a larger collar.





#4. Fold the vest in half, bringing the armholes together, this will create a shoulder shrug.






#5. Wear vest with the small collar side up and pin in the middle.





#6. Wear vest backwards, with small collar side up, you can pin in the back or tie a knot.






#7. Wear as a vest and tie the top corners together in the front.

You can wear this style with either the short or longer collar up.




#8. Fold vest in half and bring the armholes together. Place over your head as is shown in style # 4, but this time you are going to off-kilter the top section to create v sections to the way the piece drapes.




#9. For those nights your felling sexy... wear your vest backwards with the large collar side up, and put the pin on the bottom portion of the back to create an open back piece.







#10. Oh my ... Bare shoulders. Take your vest and tie the two smaller side of the rectangle together on each side of the vest. Once you slip your arms into the sleeves you have just created, the original armholes become a playful bare shoulder look.





#11. Take your vest and twist it in the middle to create a criss cross, now place the vest on backwards and tie in the back. You may need to play with the cross in the front to shape around you. This also creates a very sexy open back.



The twist:





#12.  Wear the vest with the large collar side up. Fold over the entire collar and pin.



We will be adding more styles soon, so please keep checking back for more options.

If you have any question on how to perform a style listed here, please contact us and we can help you get the techniques needed to style your Angulus Vest.